The “Gankyil” Research & Innovation Organization (ODR) is a Distributed Pole of Excellence promoted by professors, researchers and managers of Research Institutes, Associations, Industry Leading Companies, partnering with Governmental Organizations and professionals, aiming at a cross-country’s growth process. It has the scope of representing a reference point in qualified and certified training and in design, development, implementation and evolution of highly innovative solutions that might penetrate different industrial sectors at national and international level.

Training and qualification: Provide Higher Education courses in order to create new skills in young talented people and to strengthen employee skills through a learning in doing approach.

Focus on innovation: Support innovation in terms of innovative solutions and business approach, in order to grasp market opportunities and strengthen positioning of the involved companies.

Promote Technological Entrepreneurship: Promote the birth of a start up network, capable of building innovative product and service offerings, to quickly penetrate new markets.