Taggalo provides an all-in-one solution to collect real-time data on customer behaviour in physical stores.

It meshes three complementary elements: iBeacons, Wi-Fi and video analytics for contextual space activity metrics displayed through our web dashboard. Customer demographic profiling, engagement and interaction are analized to get a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey.

Taggalo gives you access to Raw Data or WebDashbards containing the key demographics and behaviour metrics of your target customers:
inside and even in the outside proximity of your retail store, mall or in front of your outdoor advertising installation.

Video Analytics & Wi-Fi tracking

Taggalo collects and analyses specific data to both count and classify your in-store traffic. We also use Wi-Fi tracking to measure length of stay and new vs. repeat customers, excluding staff.


Our solution uses discrete, easy to install beacons capture a range of business specific data to give businesses real-time access to shopper/visitor data in and around specific spaces.

Smooth Integration

We work to facilitate the successful integration of raw data into our clients’ analytical tools for maximum results.

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AI-driven solutions for Smart Agricolture

Vast area coverage

We use drones to achive cover vast areas. Our drones have multiple high-res cameras that enables the solution to quickly analize fields of size, mantaining an high accuracy degree of the informations gathered.

Identification and classification

Our solution automatically identifies cultures based on the images gathered by our drones, without any further input from the user.

Health analysis of the cultures

Our solution determines the health status of the field and then it shows it by an image representing the result of the analysis, so to enable the user to immediately have an clear picture of the status of the field.

3D imaging of the field

Our solution is able to produce the 3D imaging of the field.